Newsflash! Fox hates polar bears!

Fox News have done some pretty poor pieces on gaming in their time. From the obvious-for-Fox of sex in Mass Effect 2 and being a terrorist in Modern Warfare 2 to the insulting, criticising any taxpayers money going to Indie developers in America, and in general just derides gamers and all games for shits and giggles*.

However, they’ve finally just gone mental. I could try and explain things, but just watch the video below:
We all know Fox News has no clue, but this is just ridiculous. Why are they constantly showing Flower without mentioning it? Why are they citing games from 2007 and 2010 in a 2011 report, and why has it just offended them now? Why does this DJ seem to think McDonalds the game, an anti-establishment strategy game is actually popular with children in any way and did a polar bear attack him when he was younger?

As we all know, we should never take Fox News seriously especially when talking about, well, anything actually, but it’s worth a giggle.

*Incidentally, the crown for being the biggest twat about gaming and the entire industry goes nowhere near America and instead to Alan Titchmarsh, in what was perhaps the most insulting feature on a hobby I’ve watched. The wanker.


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