Steve! In Adventures with Playstation Plus

Troll Olympic top tip:
Clothes make them less slippery

It’s that time of the month again to see if my subscription to Sony’s content service is of worth or as much use as lubed up troll in the world troll-catching Olympics. Yeah, I didn’t know where I was quite going with that.

As you may have read, my console died on me last week leading to much chagrin on my part; however, this has since been rectified thanks to my fiancee’s obsessions with Sly Raccoon and my desire not to be onerously bored when she goes to China for two weeks and I am left on my own with a cat just dying to use my neck as a perch/toy/device for evil.

As such, I can reveal a great bonus of Plus; cloud saving. Transferring my giant hard drive into the new machine seemed to wipe all the data away, including saves, which drove me mental when my last hard drive corrupted. Luckily, I had cloud saving on and remembered to back up most of them. If I’m to pick hairs, this should really be a free feature, but I’m happy I had it or I’d be hitting things (and Mike) with sticks right now.

Anyway, what about the freebies, I hear you ask! Well as long as the usual selection of avatars and themes that nobody uses:

The modern casual classic. Take that, Bejeweled!

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One multiplayer beta (PS3): What with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Resistance 3, PS+ users have been spoiled with early access beta multiplayers in the past two weeks. This is… alright. Certainly a deviation from the normal platforming shindig, but probably not in a great way. Still, it’s nice to get exclusive stuff for big releases coming thick and fast.

Plants vs Zombies (PSN): One of the best tower-defense games around and almost worth a three-month subscription on its own. Certainly one of the best freebies PS+ has produced in its lifespan. There’s just so much depth and humour.

Altered Beast (PSN): Another of the Mega Drive re-releases for the PSN, there’s not much really much of note to say about this one; it’s a game that would have been alright when it was released, but now it’s a relic, in the same way that a toilet-seat will be a ‘relic’ to angry future slug-people.

Glass smashing-o-rama!

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (PSOne): The game with the second worst voice acting in the world (nothing quite beats Dynasty Warriors 3), it’s a classic, but the graphics are horrifically ropey now., thanks to the PSOne’s obsession with polygons. Still, a very good game.

Jellypop (mini): Sidescrolling-worm stuff collect and survive-em-up. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. It’s just very unforgiving when you make a single mistake.

Kaleidoscope (mini) :If I knew what the hell was going on, it would probably be more fun. As it is, it’s a decent five-minute killer with some good ideas. Probably.

Elsewhere, there’s the prospect of a 50% discount of the HD release of Resi 4 and Code Veronica X, the former of which looks to be worthwhile, and a discount on From Dust when it finally trundles its way onto PS3. Full details are here.

Verdict: If I were to rank it on a scale from 0 to Columbo, this would come in at Monk; sometimes brilliant, but with a few duds.


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