DLC Review – LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack  • PS3  • £6.29 • Out Now on PSN

It has taken almost the gestation period of a foetus for Media Molecule to fulfil the promise made on the game case of Move compatibility for LittleBigPlanet 2, but the time has finally arrived. Has it been worth the wait?

Well, the crux of LBP is Create mode, so let’s have a look at the new tool-set. The cream of the crop is obviously the Movinator, which you are immediately introduced to through another entertaining set of Stephen Fry-voiced tutorials. It’s amazing how easy it is to assign the Move controls to your desired object, exactly like the Controllinator in the full game, but the most simple and ingenious new tool is the ability to pick up objects like Raggy Dolls and record a movement for them. For the more artistic gamer, you can use the Move as a painting tool to create your own in-game artwork to give your level a more personal touch.

The feature list may not sound exhaustive but it doesn’t need to be. The Move controls add a whole new dimension to the game in creation and play and once some of the community’s better level makers wrap their heads around it, the results could be spectacular (just look at what they achieved with the original game; a recreation of Flower as well as some original platforming and top down fighters to name a few). I can see hours being lost to playing some of the best levels.

Then we come to the story aspect of the DLC: The Rise of Cakeling. It’s a nice fun, sometimes hilarious short story with some excellent uses of the Move controller, as you’d hope for and expect. The levels are well thought out and though the floaty jumping can be a hindrance, responsive controls using the Brain Crane to move objects makes you forget all about Sackboy’s inability to jump properly. The only other bugbear I could find was just like the original game; the sections requiring multiple players to get all the prize bubbles in the games, but this is a minor inconvenience to completists and OCD-sufferers.

Along with the story progression are the mini-games which utilise the controller better than a lot of similar actual full-price Move games.The final boss fight, though, was something special; it takes a lot to not realise you’re a grown man waving a stick with a glowing ball at the end of it, but the boss fight manages it. This, for me, is one of the major strengths of the DLC; it makes you forget you’re using the Move.

Going back to my original question, yes, this is certainly worth the wait. At £6.29 I was a little wary, but there’s enough content and fun to be had to justify it. In fact, it’s probably the best DLC package I’ve encountered on the PS3 since Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. If you own a Move and LBP, it’s a no-brainer: buy it. If you don’t have Move, it’s a bit trickier. If you’re a fan of the game’s Create side, this may well be Move’s raison d’etre.

Verdict: On a scale of 0 to cake, chocolate (until we all agree on a review scale, this is the best you’re going to get)


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