Steve! In Adventures with Playstation Plus – October

Look at my meat!

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so aside from… well, nothing, this means that it’s time for another exciting installment of Playstation Plus. What marvelous goodies will we get this month? Any delicious discounts? Also, when is it going to get its own theme tune? Well, today’s official update post sits here and some bad news, there’s no sign of a theme tune. There’s also only one PSN game this month, though there may be a new freebie coming in to replace the one that runs out mid-month. Anyway, let’s have a butcher’s:

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Experience (PS3): As always, it’s good to see some exclusive betas coming to PS Plus and this is good if you like that sort of thing. However, Uncharted multiplayer has always felt a little off to me, and I haven’t got on with this one that well so far.

More Schafer brilliance

Costume Quest (PSN): It’s Halloween, so obviously we get a game based on the holiday, but fortunately we’ve been treated to one of the most charming titles available on PSN, Costume Quest, made by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine. While the gameplay itself is rather simplistic for an RPG, the game’s story and script is full of wit, as you’d expect from Schafer, and the cartoony graphics are nicely done. It’s a shame for me as I bought it when it came out, but for the uninitiated, it’s a great Plus freebie.

Arc the Lad (PSOne): Apparently a long-running and well-received Japanese RPG series on the PSOne, Arc the Lad is part of a group of games brought over as import titles by Monkey Paw. I would tell you more about it, but there’s a problem – a big Kanji-script shaped problem. It’s an RPG with a lot of text, and it’s in Japanese. This would be fine if a) I knew Japanese or b) Monkey Paw hadn’t have said the game would be in English on the same blog yesterday. So, yeah…

Looks surprisingly good for a mini

1000 Tiny Claws (mini): A stage-based slash everything game. And I quite like it. It feels weird using the d-pad rather than the analogue stick to play console games and while that can be a bit awkward, the gameplay has distracted me enough. Also, amazingly, it’s a mini that looks decent. Too many look like rough-edged messes of PSOne games, so it’s good to see adequate graphics once in a while.

Speedball 2: Evolution (mini): An Amiga classic, and it’s still fun to play. Sure, it’s basically just a starightforward port of the original game with a subtitle added but that original was glorious. I’m still stunned as to why this isn’t a real game.

Street Smart (SNK mini): Oh dear. Poor beat-em-up where opponents don’t even have a life gauge. Should have stayed in yesteryear.

Discount wise, there’s nothing of note, the same of which goes for wallpapers and themes. It’s nice to have new avatars from Team ICO but I am yet to find anyone who actually cares about changing theirs.

Verdict: 5/10
Some good freebies and good to have betas. However, we also have one awful mini, one literally incomprehensible PSOne game and the discounts are just pathetic.


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