Haiku reviews II

Hello everybody, you may remember me from starting this blog two years ago and leaving Mike to do most of the work 6 months later. Well, I’m back for now, so stop fretting. One of the reasons I haven’t been on recently (for there are many, most of which belong in the category of planning to do something but instead sit on the sofa and watch Man vs Food all evening) is that I have a lovely new PC. I haven’t had anything with serious oomph for a long while and thus my years of hoarding cheap bundles, knowing my day will finally come has, finally bore fruition.

So – new PC, new games. What was the marvel I decided to test the mettle of my new graphically capable machine out on? Maybe Skyrim? Maybe Far Cry 3? Maybe Crysis 3 (hah)… no. None of those. It was Thomas Was Alone. Old habits die hard I guess.

Anyway, as I’ve been playing through loads of the titles my old laptop was too crotchety to run I thought instead of trying to write a ridiculous amount for each game, I’d steal Mike’s idea from some time ago and give Haikus a go.

Thomas Was Alone
The life of blocks
Is wholly entertaining.
Want to play again.

Dear Esther
Luscious landscape,
Superb soundtrack.
Where’s the game?

Sort of like Dear Esther,
But more blocky and quiet.
Still not a game.

Never have blood-curdled screams
Sounded so normal.
I like killing Chris.
Torchlight II
As everyone says
The good Diablo III.
They are correct.
It’s been two days
Since I last saw my wife.
Ooo, hellstone!
Smash, grab, smash, grab,
Great soundtrack and narration.
My poor perished pets.
Lone Survivor
 I never thought
I’d actually say this:
I agree with Mike.

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