VGM Playlist #1 – ‘Disasters’

After another very successful outing for video game music on Classic FM’s annual Hall of Fame last weekend, I’ve most decidedly got my VGM hat on and want to do what I can to show off the genre’s musical talents as much as I can.

As such, each week where it is viable, I’ve decided to semi-hijack the chosen theme for Classic FM’s Saturday Night at the Movies and instead pick out as much quality classical-based video game music as I can and chuck it into a playlist. Classic FM have done some great things for the classical side of video game music and I certainly appreciate all the specials they’ve done celebrating this, but I’d like to showcase that games can do themes just as well as films.

This week, their theme is ‘Disaster Movies‘. Now there isn’t really such a thing as a ‘Disaster Game’ outside of Japan’s Zettai Zetsumei Toshi franchise of which just a couple of games made their away here (SOS: Final Escape, for example), and I didn’t want to take the potentially easy route of games that were a disaster on release, even though the first piece on the playlist definitely sits in both camps.

However, I’ve managed to find sections of scores used during disaster movie-esque scenarios (a sinking cruise liner, earthquakes and apocalypses to name a few), as well as some post apocalyptic worlds either created or significantly influenced by natural disasters. I’ve also tried to stay as classical as I could with this to keep in the spirit of the show I’m aping.

So I hope you enjoy the below, and give me your suggestions for anything that I may have missed and could be added – I’ll be back next week with another playlist, theme permitting!


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