Album recommendation – Harmony of Heroes

HoH-no-textSuper Smash Bros. was the event of Winter 2014 for Nintendo fans – the 4th installment of their cross-series brawler is a great game and has a huge amount of music from across Nintendo and a few select 3rd party franchises within the game to boot (over 500 in the Sound mode alone).

Around the same time, a collaboration of VGM remixers released Harmony of Heroes, a fan-arranged album celebrating the music of the original, Melee and Brawl – the styles of music on show as well as the levels of remixing and arranging is spectacular; from drum and bass and synthesised orchestras to live performances and of course the DK Rap, nearly every franchise the series touched up until the latest release is covered in a unique way.

Working my way through the colossal 7 hours worth of content on the album I’ve found a few favourites; opener ‘Challenger Approcaches’ sets an ominous tone leading into the main theme, while ‘El Pájaro es la Palabra’ takes the Dragon Roost Island theme from LoZ: Wind Waker and fuses it with Spanish guitar. The fact that there’s a flavour for everyone really sets this fan-arrangement apart and though it will take a while to get through, there will be something you enjoy on here if you’ve ever been a fan of Nintendo soundtracks in the past.

You can download the 101-track album (along with the 27- track expansion album) for the princely sum of sweet FA from


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