Haiku Reviews – May 2015

I’ve always found writing reviews for games to be a very difficult process – I never know when or if I should use personal experience as a basis for the review, whether to only talk about the game factually and I always tire of finding different, fancy words of saying ‘aesthetic’ and ‘atmosphere’. As a result, finding a way to share my opinions of these games can be frustrating and it’s why on previous sites I generally stopped doing them.

There is however one means of reviewing which I quite enjoyed; haiku. Now I’m probably as bad at haikus as I am at full reviews, but I like the challenge of having a limit imposed on what I can say while also trying to get across my feelings on the game. With that in mind, here are a few haiku reviews for game’s I played during May and I apologise in advance for butchering an artform.

SplatoonSplatoonA colourful battle,
Short but fun. Who needs voice chat?
Game has stolen wife.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Beautiful clay world;
Stuck looking at the wrong screen.
Now I am a tank.

Beneath a Steel Sky
Gripping storyline;
Classic adventure logic.
Suggest a Let’s Play.

Catlateral Damage
capsule_main_final2Mess-making sim for
People who like leaderboards.
Never trust a cat.


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