EA and Ubisoft at E3 2015 – notes

On to the two 3rd party pressers of the day – EA and Ubisoft. Between them they own a ton of gaming’s most popular franchises but did they show off anything of note this year? Well, kind of…



First let’s look into a few observations from EA:

  • Let’s start with the good as that’s pretty short. There was a beautiful looking new IP called Unravel presented by the sweetest and most nervous looking man they could have put on stage, which certainly has echoes of Nintendo’s recent yarn adventures with Kirby and Yoshi. Looking forward to that one.
  • Also promising to see Mirror’s World Catalyst has an open world without a gun in Faith’s hand in sight. I’m significantly more intrigued by that than I was.
  • Okay, let’s get on with it. EA’s sports franchises obviously sell well but do they really have to spend so damn long on them with awful skits, pointless interviews and overscripted nonsense that no-one actually cares about? I wanted to see the games, not a ten minute discussion with Pele about that time he said that football was a beautiful game, and certainly not The ‘Hoop Gawd’ get excited about upping his swag in their new NBA game.
  • There was a bit too much focus on mobile for liking too, calling a new Star Wars title the one we’ve all been crying out for. Same goes with their new Minions game – I’m sure somebody cares but they weren’t the audience.
  • Other than that, a bit lacklusutre. Just new gameplay footage from already announced titles and a Mass Effect teaser which we already knew about; could really have used that time to have a nap for later on…


Following on from EA, Ubisoft took the floor. There was literally no way they could be worse than EA and they weren’t, though they did try.

  • A new South Park game, but not by Obsidian this time – not sure if that will help or hinder, depends what they’re aiming for. Tentatively excited.
  • For all of Yves Guillemot’s fluff about For Honor being ‘a completely new genre’ called The Art of Battle, what they showed looked like Dynasty Warriors mixed with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
  • I’m not sure Aisha Taylor or Ubisoft know how memes work. You don’t get to create them yourself and really don’t ask people to make one for you. Also they must know that no-one likes or even cares about a pop star singing live on stage during a gaming press conference, right?
  • I’m guessing the people doing the voices in that trailer for Assasin’s Creed Syndicate have only ever heard a British accent in Oliver. Nice looking but it really grated my ears.
  • We all know these live gameplay demos are rarely that, but please try and keep up the illusion. Having seriously disinterested people say things like ‘let’s do some teamwork’ does not help matters.
  • It really is the year of Clancy with three games in the press conference. Also impressed to see Trackmania and Anno 2205 getting a bit of screen time, the latter of which had some good music within too, even if it is just Cities: Beyond Earth.



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