Nintendo and Square Enix at E3 – notes

It’s safe to say that yesterday was a big day in E3 history – Microsoft led with a very impressive showcase featuring Hololens and a very strong 2015 first party line-up, while Sony had those big announcements as well as some interesting looking new IP of their own. I wouldn’t be surprised if people were still a little shellshocked today following that and I don’t envy Nintendo and Square Enix in that regard; however, maybe both should have just stayed at home this year.


Nintendo not only had Sony’s conference to follow but also their own 2014 outing as well as the highly entertaining Nintendo World Championships. The pressure was on…

  • Nintendo started off so well – muppet versions of Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto turning into Starfox characters and an in-depth look at the game. Starfox Zero does  look a bit rough graphics wise but I guess that was going to happen given the gamepad seems to be integral to game development and display output.
  • This event was proof if it was still needed that the Wii U is pretty much dead for Nintendo. After Starfox and Xenoblade Chronicles X release there’s nothing in the pipeline for early next year. They’ve moved on to the NX, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zelda either cross-gen or exclusive to their new hardware.
  • The Animal Crossing reveal just plain hurt – an amiibo-locked Mario Party clone was the exact sort of game that no-one had been asking for and screams late-life shovelware.
  • Surprisingly, the 3DS had a decent outing with a new Zelda game, new Mario and Luigi/Paper Mario crossover, Yokai Watch and Fire Emblem all coming up quite soon.The new co-op Metroid title may need a little more time to convince me.
  • On a more positive note, this weekend has made Super Mario Maker a much more viable prospective purchase for many – not surprised to see it given so much attention


So a damp squib for Nintendo and nothing to get excited about for Wii U owners. Still, at least there was a conference to follow and surely Square Enix could give us something to get excited for:

  • Well Just Cause 3 tried. Explosions, followed by more explosions, and then yet more. All narrated by the boredest sounding man in the world.
  • Square Enix’s booth number for this show is 2001, and it felt like this was the year they’d written their conference for. It was dry, unengaging and full of needless chatter from game creators, along with more narrated trailers and full-on repeats of things we’d seen yesterday.
  • There was a man wearing a moon mask on stage which was utterly terrifying. Apparently that was a thing in the first Nier game but as no-one actually played that we were just freaked out.
  • Final Fantasy XV has to be one of Square Enix’s biggest properties and is due out this year, and you’d think it would be the perfect time for a release date. Obviously not to Square.
  • More focus on mobile but at least SE don’t seem to be aboard the F2P train, instead going for premium titles like Lara Croft Go.



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