Sony at E3 – notes

And so Monday (Tuesday morning here) draws to close as Sony have just held their conference. There have been many surprises over the years at E3 but this year and this conference may have just taken the cake. Maybe this wasn’t the walkover for Microsoft most people thought it was a few hours ago.



  • Every E3 there are rumours that four games will finally be announced and Sony played a part in three of them in the space of 50 minutes – The Last Guardian, a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 (with PS4 as the only confirmed console platform) and of course the remake which people have been demanding for over ten years, Final Fantasy VII. I’ll be honest, I was among those freaking out.
  • Not only those, but there were a couple of new titles announced too. Guerilla will be going into an overgrown tribal/post robot apocalypse world while Media Molecule are creating something weird to do with crafting dreams. Both of these look interesting and are welcome new first party titles for Sony.
  • A lot of console exclusive, console debut and early DLC talk for a lot of titles, most noticeable Call of Duty who have now decided Sony are their best friends. Sure the fact they have the largest install base is completely coincidental. Not that this should be a thing anyway because exclusive/early DLC is just a horrible practice.
  • Morpheus got a decent showing but much less than I thought and was outshone markedly by Hololens. Still more than Move, PS Now and the poor old Vita.
  • Uncharted 4 looks fantastic and may mark an upsurge in the number of quality titles available on the PS4. Sony are looking at a very weak 2015 1st party-wise compared to the competition.
  • Far less focus on indies this year which is surprising; maybe Sony aren’t that fussed about them now they’re king of the hill again?

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