The sky is not falling – Nintendo at E3

There hasn’t been the greatest online response to Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, with some fans and commentators signalling a disaster for the company and other calling for petitions to stop one of the newly announced games. While the event didn’t exactly set the world on fire, it certainly doesn’t warrant calling for studios to cancel games based on 56 seconds of trailer footage.

I’ll be the first to say that this wasn’t Nintendo’s finest hour – Metroid Prime Federation Force doesn’t excite me, even after watching gameplay, nor do the Animal Crossing spin-offs or 3-swords Zelda. If some people are engaged then power to them, but this E3 wasn’t for me. However, cats are going to start living with dogs because of one bad Digital Event and there’s plenty of reason to remain calm


Games for 2015 still to come
Let’s not forget the Wii U still has some new titles due soon. We have the fascinating Super Mario Maker which, let’s not forget, got a great reaction just three days ago during the World Championships, as well as a beautiful yarn Yoshi game. As well as this, there’s the localised Xenoblade Chronicles X, a bona fide horror title in Fatal Frame and then there’s this year’s other big hitter, Starfox Zero. To round that off there’s also the Animal Crossing party game and a new Mario Tennis. That’s more titles than we got last year, and people weren’t nearly as upset with that as they are this year. I haven’t even got to 3DS yet either, which is still alive and kicking with more support this time round. Let’s also not forget that nearly all of these titles are first party, exclusive and out this year – try saying the same for Microsoft or Sony…

Support for the ‘Big 3’
Nintendo is still supporting its latest three major releases; Mario Kart 8 got its latest DLC last month, Smash got new DLC and a free update three days ago and Splatoon continues to get new weapons and stages week by week prior to its big August update. Even if very few of the aforementioned 2015 titles entice you, there’s still new content for their most popular games in the pipeline.


Nintendo release Directs all year
If the E3 Digital Event didn’t hold any excitement for you, then you probably won’t have to wait too long to see how Nintendo follow it up. They hold Directs throughout the year and this is where most of the new games will be announced; in fact they were very specific in that this event would mark their plans for late 2015 and early 2016 so a lack of ‘big’ titles isn’t surprising. At this stage it’s likely the NX may be more of a ficus for new games but there’s still time in-between to fill.

They’re listening
I’m pretty sure Nintendo knew this wasn’t going to be a great time for them – they had to follow themselves from last year as well as Sony’s expectation shattering conference from the day before. They’re aware of the negative reaction and while they are always at the behest of investors, they do care about their fans; they’ll take a close look and if necessary will right the ship.

What do you think – obviously Nintendo won’t get the numbers of Sony and Microsoft this generation but was this year a disaster or is the cause for optimism, if not for Wii U then for NX? Let me know in the comments.


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