VGM Playlist #21 – Rain


ori rain

It’s April and Spring has sprung. This means a number of things; nobbly-kneed Brits in shorts at the slightest glimmer of light, thermostat wars in the workplace as the cold bloods battle the warm, and almost inevitably, rain. Anytime, anywhere. I guess they’re called April showers for a reason.

There are a few options available to you in this situation. You can mope around, bemoaning the fact that it may have been cold in the Winter but at least it wasn’t always wet. You could embrace it, jump in puddles and run around like a lunatic in the middle of a torrential downpour. Or, alternatively, stay inside and watch the storms from the comfort of a cozy sofa and a mug a warm/cold beverage of your choice. If you choose to go for the latter, this soundtrack aims to provide the perfect accompaniment, with a selection of rain themed music from video games.

There’s quite a variety on display, from orchestral and choral scores such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture all the way to relaxing electronic-inspired pieces found in Dustforce, Terraria and The Floor is Jelly. And if it somehow isn’t raining where you are but want to enjoy the rainy mood, I’d suggest listening to the playlist with this playing in the background to put you fully in the mindset.

Let me know what your favourite rainy video game music in, and if there’s anything I’ve missed out (and apologies for the less detailed post this time round!)


Ori and the Blind Forest – Ori, Lost in the Storm (Gareth Coker)
Dustforce – Swimming While it Rains (Lifeformed)
Minecraft – Wet Hands (C148)
Blackwell Convergence – The Rainy City (Thomas Reign)
Gemini Rue – Another Day’s Work (Nathan Allen Pinard)
Terraria – Rain (Scott Lloyd Shelly)
Undertale – It’s Raining Somewhere Else (Toby Fox)
Okami – Harami Lake (Masami Ueda)
Rain – Girl in Profile (Yugo Kanno)
A Bird Story – The Rain Song (Kan Gao)
Heavy Rain – Ethan Mars’ Main Theme (Normand Corbeil)
Final Fantasy IX – Kingdom of Burmecia (Nobuo Uematsu)
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – A Storm Over Yaughton (Jessica Curry)
The Floor is Jelly – Rain in C Minor (Disasterpeace)


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